Windsor has been designing and manufacturing fiber optic splice products for 30 years.

Benefits of the Hubbell Power Systems’ Windsor splice closure:

All splice closures come fully assembled

  • Reduced chance of craft error
  • Reduced splicing time
  • Reduced labor cost

Each splice closure is designed and manufactured specifically for each cable type

  • Isolated ground closure designed for shielded cable provides a dedicated waterproof ground port for each cable
  • OPGW closure is designed with cable clamps that provide in excess of 1000 lbs pullout resistance and substantial torque restraint
  • All Dielectric closure is designed specifically for non-metallic cable

All splice closures end plates are designed with split seal and slotted port

  • No trapped cables
  • Cables may be added or removed for overbuild with no service interruption
  • Unsurpassed expressed buffer-tube storage capacity
  • Facilitates uninterrupted mid-sheath access

All splice closures are made from durable components to strict quality control guidelines.

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